My Ex Husband Wanted to Kill Me – Mshoza Reveals

her first TV interview in ages, Kwaito star and news-maker, Mshoza sat down with Real Talk on 3’s Azania Mosaka to chronicle her life thus far including the dark turn her latest marriage took.


Mshoza, whose real name is Nomasonto Maswanganyi, detailed how shortly after they wed, her husband (Thuthukani Mvula ) changed, adding that she felt as though his new found fame went to his head.

Not only did he start doing more public appearances and interviews, he started using her star power to attract girls. She went on to reveal that this was not the first time she had experienced abuse at the hands of a husband, alleging that her first husband, Jacob Mnisi had also abused her. Mosaka then went on to ask Mshoza what kept her in both relationships, even at times when she was given signs that she should leave.

“Uhm… this one in particular, I was told that I would die if I tried leaving,” began Mshoza, in reference to her marriage to Mvula, before adding, “at first you feel like ‘ah, uyangithanda because akafuni ukhuthi ngihambe’ but then [it’s like] uyakuthanda but then u’busy namantombazane.”

She also revealed how she quietly planned her escape for months and even stocked up on the things she thought she would need once she left.

“He would tell me, they would discuss it nabo buthi bakhe, ukhuti, ‘hayi mfana, siyamu bulala lo, ngeke aku shiye’ or unzong’bulala ngo muthi” She went on to add that he was often verbally abusive, telling her that she was stupid, telling her children that she was stupid, forbidding her from going to church – stating that no wife of his would go to church and that she had to choose between God or their marriage.

She did reveal however that her uncles were very supportive when they found out about the abuse she endured at the hands of her husband and even offered to return her husband’s lobola and do whatever it takes to get her out of the marriage before her husband killed her. They even reminded her to not care about what people would say about her leaving her husband.

They also spoke about the loss of her mom (who died a year ago ), the charity work she’s doing with victims of abuse, fighting back to claim her identity after all that has happened to her and more. Watch the interview below:


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