ZAtunes Hangs Out With Rushky D’musiq, Talks About Background, GemValleyMusiQ & Others

Zatunes December 12, 2019


ZAtunes Hangs Out With Rushky Dmusiq, Talks About Background, GemValleyMusiQ & Others

in this week’s chapter of know your producer, ZAtunes met with Rushky D’musiq were we had a brief interview.

Read the interview below.

Zatunes: Tell us about yourself?

Rushky D’musiq: My name is Comfort Mphahlele, popularly known as Rushky D’musiq. I’m a 19 Years old producer who started producing Amapiano songs last year December.

I belong to a music group called GemValleyMusiQ. My first song was released February this year and also had an album that trended that same month

ZAtunes: Taking About GemValleyMusiQ, Are you the only member in the group ?

Rushky D’musiq: No, I’m with Drumonade and Phudy Jay

ZAtunes: Who is the team leader?

Rushky D’musiq: Phuddy Jay is the Team leader

ZAtunes: What does it feel like working as an upcoming Amapiano producer ?

Rushky D’musiq: It feels good😊

Zatunes: 2019 has so far been good, what are your plans for 2020? who are you planning to work with?

Rushky D’musiq: My plan for 2020 is to work harder and be a more better producer. I’m planing to work with some big names in the industry such as Kwish SA, De Mthuda & The Low Keys.

ZAtunes: What are the Challenges you are currently facing in the competitive industry?

Rushky D’musiq: There’s no much competition because I’m a unique producer trying to create my own style.

Zatunes: Should We expect any project from your team before the year finally runs out?

Rushky D’musiq: Yes 4 Tunes only, it will come as a Surprise.

ZAtunes: What message do you have for your fans?

Rushky D’musiq: Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it and stay tuned for more good music Forever GemValleyMusiQ.

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