Dance/Electronic Producer, TekniQ Advise To Amapiano Producers


Dance/Electronic Producer, TekniQ Advise To Amapiano Producers

Dance/Electronic Producer, TekniQ has some words of wisdom for Amapiano producers.

Read below;

AMAPIANO SAGA(long but worth a read)

I started making music, studying the industry since days of, Native Roots, Infinite Boys, Dj Clock, Dj Bullet, Uhuru etc. as Gemini Boys then went solo as TekniQ 2012 onwards.. (Yes, some of these names might not ring a bell, but trust me they’ve once dominated the game like most today).

One thing I can guarantee you is, AMAPIANO is going to phase out sooner or later. (Sad but true, cause we’ve grown to love it ) That’s the law of the industry. If you’ve been in the game long enough you will concur.

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Here is what I am predicting will happen when it does.

1. 70% of Musicians, Artists, Dj who built their brand around it will fall off (Only a few learn the game of adapting, rebranding, staying relevant and consistant)

2. Night clubs that catered predominantly around it (the Trend) will lose clients, if they not loosing them already because they’ve created a monotonous clubing atmosphere which will be tiring to individuals who will be seeking a new experience.

3. Record labels are going to terminate a lot of existing contracts because they’ll have to restructure their model AGAIN .

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Here is some piece of advise:

Build as much business relationships(‘Network) as possible so when the wheel turns, you dont fall off. Restructure your brand around your vision, NOT TRENDS or Pop culture. Draft your long term goals and plan around them.

Create a fanbase beyond SA borders, your target market is on a global scale. Dont let the gigs, and lifestyle mislead you, we’ve been there (your test season is coming )…Save money or invest (even in another career cause some of you will need it) Your reputation is everything, guide it with your life.

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Tlogela bofebe boizen You’ll end up with 3 kids from different women and a dying career if not worse joke. LISTEN! this game is long term. Dont play it to win for 1 season. Remember you are not the amount of gigs you have, you are the brand. When the gigs fade, the brand will stand…trust me……2020

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