Makhadzi Reveals How She’s Being Exploited By Ex-Manager, Rita Dee Nephawe


Makhadzi Reveals How Shes Being Exploited By Ex-Manager, Rita Dee Nephawe

The story of record labels exploiting artists isn’t something new. Today, Makhadzi has revealed her ordeal with her former manager, Rita Dee Nephawe.

In a series of tweets, Makhadzi talked about how her former manager has refused to pay her a dime from her previous Matrokisi album as well as royalties. Not only that, she went ahead to remove her Riyavenda and Matroksi videos with 10 millions & 8milionviews respectively on YouTube.

Read her statements below.

Reacting to these heavy allegations, fans have trooped to Twitter to call out the ex boss by trending the tag #RitamustFall.

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