Stakev & Stumzar – Kortes (Mshoza Tribute)


Stakev & Stumzar Kortes(Mshoza Tribute)

Mshoza’s death was a big loss to the entertainment industry. Paying tribute to the late dancehall queen, Stakev & Stumzar delives “Kortes”.

Her passing came as the saddest news in the industry. Producers and deejays have trooped out to pay their last respect to their queen and this grieving has turned into an homage to Mshoza’s life, a way to celebrate her existence through music. “Kortes” is one of those special songs that captured her life on earth and it was a superb emotional melody by Stakev & Stumzar.

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD: Stakev & Stumzar – Kortes(Mshoza Tribute)

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