After Long Contract Battles, Record L Jones Officially Ends Contract With Simnandi Records


After Long Contract Battles, Record L Jones Officially Ends With Simnandi Records

We thought everything ended when Record L Jones announced last year that he and his buddy, Slenda vocals were both leaving Simnandi Records but was surprised this year to find out that Record L Jones still had some agreements with DJ Jaivane that hasn’t been fulfilled, this has kept him from further releasing fresh music, mixes and even album.

He was ignorant to release some few songs and a mixtape in December and January this year but was advised by his legal team to hold on to any release pending the final resolution with Jaivane.

Well, after much talk and consideration, Record L Jones have now officially terminated his contract with Simnandi, read what he has to say below;

Meeting with the boss, After along period of termination of contract with Simnandi Records. I formally announce that I am no longer a member of SR. I appreciate everything the label has done for me and I wish the label great success in future. I appreciate the love and support you have shown me during my stay at the label. I am now an Independent artist. I will release my latest mixtape “Piano Exclusive Experience Vol 2” on friday the 19th of February 09:00 in the morning. My apologies for the delay. Thank You

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