How A Woman Caused Josiah De Disciple & Mr JazziQ’s Split – MacG


How A Woman Caused Josiah De Disciple & Mr JazziQs Split - MacG

Over the past few months, we have been made to believe that Josiah De Disciple & Mr JazziQ parted ways because they needed to focus on their solo career, but a recent findings by MacG, revealed how a lady caused a rift between the two producers.

It all started when the both producers had a relationship with a lady who later got pregnant for Josiah De disciple, along the line, Josiah’s feelings for her became too strong and When she gave birth to his son, he needed to be alone so he could focus more on his career and family, this didn’t go well with Jazziq who thought Josiah broke the bro code.

Unable to settle their differences, they decided to go their separate ways without causing any drama. Watch the revelation below.


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