I’m Talented But Haven’t Been Lucky In The Entertainment Industry – El Maestro


Im Talented But Not Havent Been Lucky In The Entertainment Industry - El Maestro

The recent South African Amapiano Music Awards triggered lots of controversy and deep thinking amongst Amapiano producers, with several questioning their efforts over the past couple of years. Today, the piano punisher, El Maestro has revealed how unlucky he is in the music scene.

He stated that despite working on the piano project for over a decades, he hasn’t been recognized by anyone. Read his statement below.

I’ve been doing music production for 11years but no luck like people who only have 1-3 years doing music.. some just trend because of connection some just trend because of their life style.

I do good music i’m asking my self why is it not trending like others n i realised that myb ill trend the day i wear gucci, or myb the day i go live working in surbubs n driving a dope car posting pics where im wearing expensive clothes Anyways yall enjoy ur journey on music bafe2 and good luck.. never give up


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