List of Artists & Producers Signed Under PianoHub Records

Zatunes August 10, 2021


List of Artists & Producers Signed Under PianoHub Records

PianoHub no doubt is currently one of the biggest label in the world of Amapiano that currently houses the best of the best vocalists, Producers and deejays.


Today, we are giving you the updated list of producers and vocalists signed under the Kabza De Small’s initiative.

1. Mdu aka TRP

Mdu aka TRP is one of the most influential and celebrated producer in the entire piano industry. The deejay is revered in almost a religious way for his exclusive sound and amazing overlapping feel. He was signed into PianoHUb records in 2020 and ever since then, he has gone to deliver several hits under the label.

2. Bongza

Bongza is a producer that compliments the sound of Mdu aka TRP, together they both have conquered stages and turn up crowds. Their music, their shows, and their sets have all been deemed as some of the top picks available in the present day Amapiano industry. He was signed into the label in 2020.

3. Skroef28

Skroef28 started as an underground producer, producing hard and gangster music before his introduction to Kabza De Small by Mdu aka TRP and Bongza. Throughout the late 2020 and early 2021 he was being groomed by the piano king himself before he was officially signed into the label.

4. Nkulee 501

Nkulee 501 first formed a team with Dub 501 back in January 2021, later in June, he made some collaborations with Skroef that got the attention of Kabza De Small, that same year, he was invited into the PianoHub studio to come sample the talents he has got and fortunately for him, his technique got the attention of everyone. He was signed into PianoHub in 2021 and he will be dropping his first official body of work later in September.

5. Deeper Phil

When Kabza De Small opened PianoHub, he initially wanted to make it strictly piano, but along the way, he decided to include talented deep house producers, that was how Deeper Phil came into the picture. He became an official member of the PianoHUB team in January 2021 after completing necessary documentations.

6. Spumante

Spumante was the second house producer signed into PianoHub hub. Before joining the team, he has made an impressive impact with his releases that blend Amapiano, soulful and deeper house. Earlier this year, he debut on PianoHub with his highly revered “Time Travel Album”

7. Masterpiece

Masterpiece is a singer, song writer and vocalist. Before coming mainstream, he has written several hits for so many top producers. He was the biggest vocalist signed into PianoHub records.

8. Young Stunna

Young Stunna is a vocalist that has quickly risen in ranks in the entire entertainment industry, well this should come as no surprise as he input on Ba Xolele made the song what it is today. Tapping into this enormous talent, he was I initially signed into Simnandi records by DJ jaivane but this was short-lived as the rising vocalist saw no much gain being under the influence of DJ jaivane, quickly, he met with Kabza De Small who signed him into his label, together they have created some fire songs. Young Stunna is PianoHub’s latest and newest signee.

9. Da Muziqal Chef

Formerly signed to the Ace of Spades, Da Muziqal Chef is the newest and latest member of the pianoHUB family. He was signed into the label in the early weeks of 2022.

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    • Im Nkanyiso Dlamini im a Dj im still young and im a producer but im not good at it please accepts my request it will be an honor to join the Piano Hub

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  2. Hi i go by Zulukay a vocalist
    A lyric writer with energy
    Young and active music is my life
    And my life is music
    Im willing to deed with pianohub

  3. Hi my name Is Nathi a young boy who wants to see himself one day as a star I wouldn’t say I Am perfect in singing but I want to become a vocalist don’t know how to do that but I hope one day God will answer my prayers I might just end up being a vocalist and meet the right people but I don’t care about all of that i just want to write beautiful music and inspire people out there with my voice

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