Soulfreakah – Zebulon


Soulfreakah Zebulon

Soulfreakah takes his new found house sound to even greater heights with this latest body of work called “Zebulon”. The album is a combination of soulful and deep elements couple with uplifting pianos to create a collection of feel-good songs perfect for the winter.

1. Oh! I Really Love It feat. Misty Sa
2. Show Me Love Feat. Edit Young
3. With My Life Feat The Bless
4. Your Whole Vibe
5. iLanga Lishonile feat. The Dude next Door
6. Ghetto Girl feat. Mpongo
7. Still In Love (Bootleg)
8.Are You Ready feat Misty Sa
9. (Bonus Track) Take Me Away

Listen below.


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