Tallarsetee’s Mom Gets Infected With COVID-19


Tallarsetee De MCs Mom Gets Infected With COVID-19

So many of us are in denial of the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa until we or someone close to us get knocked down by the deadly virus. One of Amapiano’s MC and entertainer, Tallarsetee De MC has withnesed first hand the impact of COVID 19 as his Mom has just been admitted after being infected with the virus.

As an entertainer who got affected by the recent lockdown, Tallarsetee De MC was among those who doubted the existence of the virus until recently when his mom got hit badly, here is what he has to say below.

Today Was One Of The Worst Days Of My Life. Corona Has Hit My Family, Nogal My Mother. Never In A Million Years Saw This Coming. I’m One Of The People That Were Against Corona, Saying It’s All Propaganda, But Today Karma Showed Me Flames. No One Never Wants To See Their Own Parent Suffer Like How ii Saw My Mother Suffer Today. She Sounded Like She’s Saying Goodbye ii Had To Make Sure ii Buy Her Every Medication And Vitamins Uu Can Think Of, Not Because ii Can But Because ii Was Scared To Lose Her.

Guys Corona Is Real, ii Witnessed It Today. Stay Safe At All Times. Follow All Covid-19 Protocols For Uu And For Your Loved Ones. Together We Can Fight This Disease.

Get Well Soon Maolady, Your In My Prayers


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