Top 10 Amapiano Producers of 2021

Zatunes December 26, 2021


Top 10 Amapiano Producers of 2021

2021 has been an amazing year for Amapiano music, with more producers topping charts than ever and few finally getting the recognition they truly deserves on a national and global scale.

Today, we are back with our top 10 selection of producers who made things happen this year. Find below our list

10. ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay

ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay had a fantastic 2021 from start to finish. The duo took us unaware with heaters such as “Baleka Beleka”, “Dali”, “Don’t Tatazel” and “Wena”.

They recently released their first joint album and tracks featured have all been massive hits judging from rotational airplay they currently enjoy.

9. Felo Le Tee

How Felo Le Tee crept into the hearts of millions of Amapiano listeners remains a mystery. His achievements in the year 2021 cannot be overemphasized and thanks to him, we get to experience how life felt before this whole pandemic and lockdowns.

8. Ntokzin

Ntokzin is one of the few Amapiano producer who hasn’t stopped impressing with his artistry and creativity. He is one of the very few whose craft is so readily available and that is why he has amassed so many heaters such as “Steven Seagal”, “Ovadoz” and “Silala Singalele” within a very short period of time.

7. MDU aka Trp

MDU aka Trp is one of pianohub biggest name, little wonder he remains one of Amapiano’s unforgettable talents having the most banging sounds released in 2021. Since the start of the year, he has been putting in serious work not necessarily to prove why he is called the king of Piano but help maintain the growth and strength of the piano genre.

6. Josiah de Disciple

Josiah de Disciple’s production capabilities were tested several times this year with numerous hits that not only entrap and commit our mind and soul to his craft, but exposing us the the new possibilities and melodies of the Amapiano music.

5. Mr JazziQ

In a world where good music rule, Mr JazziQ was not scared to drop dope bangers and despite going completely solo, he has proven his true worths with heaters such as Picture “JunkPark”, “Snake Park” and most recently “10111”.

4. Dj Maphorisa

Fourth on our list in our countdown is Dj Maphorisa. The legendary producer has had quite a year, from releasing loads of music, the producer has succeeded in positioning himself as a hitmaker in the piano More.

3. Busta 929

One of the great things about the Amapiano music is how new bangers are constantly being released on a steady and Busta 929 is one of the producer who has made a huge impact on the scene with his plethora of heaters such as “Gqoz Gqoz”, “Ngixolele” and “Mmapula”, It’s no wonder he has secured the third spots on our list of 2021’s Top Producers.

2. De Mthuda

De Mthuda opened 2021 with his “John Wick” heater, he followed that up with the release of “Jola” and ever since then, he hasn’t let his foot off of the pedal, dropping what seemed like dope bangers after dope bangers as well as loads of collaborations.

1. Kabza De Small

Kabza De Small whose real name is Kabelo Motha is undoubtedly the biggest piano producer of the year, thanks to his constant bangers that influenced how Amapiano contents are been consumed.

This year alone, he has gone Platinum on multiple releases, and was named the most streamed producer on itunes. He also topped the Amapiano Dance Charts and in addition to this, all four of his latest productions are in iTunes’ top 10, making him the biggest act in the piano scene.

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