Cyfred Almost Set For “M.A.T.H.E Album”

Zatunes July 4, 2022


Cyfred Announces M.A.T.H.E Album

Cyfred is an Amapiano act that needs no introduction. The young star is known for his innovative sounds that have thrilled minds in he piano scene. Since his emergence in the scene, he has He also changed the game with his unique and distinctive productions. Further extending his presence in the scene, he has announced a thought-provoking Album that was be released under the banner of “M.A.T.H.E.”


“M.A.T.H.E” has been work in progress and when out, it will be a manifestation of his true craft and creative energy. This upcoming album is currently being promoted by “Uzolala La” featuring Pushkin, Nkosazana Daughter & Musa Keys and as a master of delivering melodic music that combines various unique Piano elements, this album is sure to bang hard.

“M.A.T.H.E” is due out in some weeks time and it is that will show offer a perfect balance between the trending Sgija vibes and traditional piano flairs.

Stay tuned!


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