Dj Jaivane – XpensiveClections Vol. 42 (Appreciation Live Mix)

Zatunes May 25, 2022


Dj Jaivane - XpensiveClections Vol. 42 (Insta 500K FB 800K Appreciation Live Mix)

When it comes to taking the dance music world by storm, Dj Jaivane has already made an impressive impact. Celebrating his 500k Instagram and 800k Facebook followers, the soulful Piano veteran has landed us with this juicy mixtape called “XpensiveClections Vol. 42.”


As someone who pioneered the early sounds of Amapiano, Dj Jaivane has proven himself to be an artist that understands the importance of creating memorable experiences for every of his followers.

Over the years he’s maintained a steady rise through the ranks that see him drawn on influences from a range of sub-genres and now he has returned with another killer mixtape that shows the depth of his creativity.

Out now is “XpensiveClections Vol. 42 (Insta 500K FB 800K Appreciation Live Mix)” and this latest is a two hour long mixtape that will have you lost in your emotions while headbanging the day away.

“XpensiveClections Vol. 42 (Appreciatio Live Mix)” features 100% tracks from his Simnandi records.

O1. Amu Classic & Kappie – Sendivile Feat. LeeMcKrazy, Stash Da Groovyest, Kera & Mzweshper SA
02. Amu Classic, Kappie & Muziqal Tone – Base Jaivini (Feat. Scotts Maphuma & LeeMcKrazy)
O3. MuziqalTone, Amu Classic & Kappie – Qinisela(Feat. LeeMcKrazy & Mzweshper SA)
04. MuziqalTone, Amu Classic & Kappie – |ndaba’Eyam(Feat. LeeMcKrazy)
05. TribeSouL Amu Classic, Kappie & Muziqal Tone – Wena (Feat LeeMcKrazy)
06. Amu Classic, Kappie & MuziqalTone – Opemaria(Feat. LeeMcKrazy & Mzweshper SA)
07. Amu Classic, Ka ppie & MuziqalTone – Siyahlasela (Feat LeeMcKrazy& Spizzy)
O8. MuziqalTone, Amu Classic & Kappie Africa(Feat. Scotts Maphuma, Spizzy& Frankeyz)
09. King P, Amu Classic, Kappie & Muziqal Tone – Ngizom’lobola (Feat Scotts Maphuma)
10. Amu Classic, Kappie & MuziqalTone – Mshayeli(Feat. LeeMcKrazy)
11. TmanXpress & Dj Jaivane ft Demented Soul – lnkonzo
12. Amu Classic, Kappie & King P – Ngizok’nika lonke (Feat LeeMcKrazy)
13. MuziqalTone, Amu Classic & Kappie – Simnandi Simoja Feat. LeeMcKrazy
14. Amu Classic & Kappie – Marena(Original Mix)
15. Amu Classic, Kappie, Stash Da Groovyest & Kera SA – SKAK1
16. MuziqalTone, Amu Classic & Kappie – Ke Nako Mang(Dance Mix)
17. Luudadeejay& Dj Jaivane – Give Me the night (George Benson Bootleg)
18. KNL Musiq & Dj Jaivane – KNL Babies
19. Dj Jaivane, Pronic DeMuziq & Krispy D’Soul – 8’Oclock (Dub mix)
20. Djy Jaivane, Amu Classic & Kappie – One Man Show(Dance Mix)
21. Dj Jaivane, MFR Souls ft Villo Soul – OwnLaneBoys
22.DjJaivane, DjFather& Sein Lanies at work ,3
23. Dj Jaivane & SoulMc_ Nito – Attack
24. Dj Jaivane & Dj Father – Claves & Blocks
25. Dj Jaivane & Dj Father – Roses
26. Dj Jaivane & SoulMc_Nito s – Dashboard
27. Muziqal Tone – You can win
28. MuziqalTone, Amu Classic & Kappie – On Stage(Main Mix)
29. Amu Classic, Kappie & King P – Power (Main Mix)

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dj Jaivane – XpensiveClections Vol. 42 (Insta 500K FB 800K Appreciation Live Mix)

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