Euphonik – Jack knife (DaviSoul PLK’s Touch)

Zatunes June 27, 2022

Euphonik Jack knife (DaviSoul PLK

DaviSoul PLK adds his spin to Euphonik’s classic, “Jack knife” and guys, this special touch is flames.


DaviSoul PLK has become a fan favorite over the last couple of years. Although upcoming, he wowed us with his perfection of piano synths and percussive basslines. In just a space of seven months, he has landed us with two heavy smashers that showcases his Amapiano sensibilities.

Continue to rock our world, he has landed us with a new complete smasher he released via the rendition of “Jack knife” and guys, this one is a smooth blend of classic piano and house flows.

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Euphonik – Jack knife (DaviSoul PLK’s Touch)


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