Gem Valley MusiQ – Nkao Yetsa ft. Dj Fonzi, Sizwe Nineteen & Vinny X King

Zatunes March 18, 2022


Gem Valley MusiQ – Nkao Yetsa ft. Dj Fonzi, Sizwe Nineteen & Vinny X King

“Nkao Yetsa” is the second release from the PSSNGR label, 3 weeks after Toxicated Keys’ “Zaka Zaka” single. This new track also originates from the Mamelodi township in the Pretoria area and has been produced by three young musicians called GemValleyMusiQ, also considered as pioneers of the Rough Amapiano genre, featuring vocals by DJ Fonzi, Sizwe Nineteen, and Vinny X King.


This is a slow-burning groove typical of Amapiano, with waves and twists, mixing a celebrating vibe with a dark, dope energy. At first, the three members of GemValleyMusiQ (21-yo Comfort Mphahlele aka Rushky D’ MusiQ , 22-yo Phuti Makhafola aka Phuddy Jay and 17-yo Ofentse Mauwane aka Drumonade) didn’t really think about having vocals over the track but female musician and friend DJ Fonzi tried something in the studio and they all loved the result. Two male vocalists (Sizwe Nineteen and Vinny X King) were then added in the mix and the final outcome was even more fire.

The “Nkao Yetsa” hook is, to quote the artists, “an enticing reference blindfolded behind sarcastic words”. It’s basically a way to show confidence and self-belief, to brag and to celebrate about getting or having something – even if you don’t actually have it!

The video for the single has been shot in a Pretoria pub called Pretoria Central Bunkhouse and in a local area from Mamelodi East.

GemValleyMusiQ has recorded a whole album for PSSNGR and it’ll be released by the end of spring. Expect more twisted beats and clunk bass from the team, with lots of guest vocalists from their area.

The single is available today and the EP will be available on the 20th of May.

Listen below.

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