KOA2 Now Ready, Kabza De Small Reveals

Zatunes July 6, 2022


KOA2 Now Ready, Kabza De Small Reveals

Kabza De Small is a producer who loves to take listeners on a perfect musical journey with his productions. In just six months, he has released four different but yet banging projects/album and he doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon as he confirms his highly anticipated KOA2 album is ready for release.


Kabza De Small truly deserves the title, King of Amapiano. Being one of the pioneer of the genre, he has dedicated a large part of his adult life in making sure the genre is where it is today, this he achieves by pushing soundscapes that are diverse and serves as a reflection of his true creativity and authenticity.

Now he seeks to extend his reign as he confirms he is now ready for a new package. No release date has been fixed yet for “KOA2” but rumour has it that it will drop before the end of winter. The upcoming project has been teased on some of his reset set and it will no doubt defy genre constraints, pulling influences from both in and out of Soulful/classic/piano music.

Stay tuned!

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