Lady Du Divorces Husband, Andile Mxakaza

Zatunes January 9, 2022


Lady Du Divorces Husband, Andile Mxakaza

Amapiano sensation and vocalist, Lady Du has ender her relationship with her husband and partner, Andile Mxakaza.

According to a message shared on lady Du’s social media page, she revealed she decided to leave her partner after she was attacked on numerous occasions
by people she didn’t even know because of culture and the fact that a married woman isn’t supposed to act in certain ways.

Lady Du: I am not one for gossip, it bores me. This is from my heart, We did not break up, we followed our hearts and that meant separating before things went south. I’ve had numerous attacks from people I didn’t even know, people making me uncomfortable because of culture, people attacking my character, scratching my cars. So I decided it’s best I follow my heart and leave my relationship.

We also realized we want different things. So we are both happy with the decision and we ask that you kindly respect it. It hasn’t affected any of us. Let it not affect you or make you sad.

It’s life. We all need to live honest lives J… I love you WAWA

Her husband, Andile Mxakaza has said he is happy with Lady Du’s decision and he wishes her happiness in her future endeavors.

andilemx: I am sorry you never found peace in our relationship, I am proud how you stood your ground and never gave up even when you were attacked by people. I want you to find true happiness and I am happy with the decision you made, you way stronger then you look.# qiniso Iami @ladydu_sa

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