Meet All The Housemates In BBMzansi S3

Zatunes January 24, 2022


Meet All The Housemates on BBMzansi S3

The third installment of South Africa’s biggest reality show, BBMzansi is finally here and today, we unveil to you a list of all housemates in this year’s season.


Sis Tamara

Sis Tamara whose real name is Ukho Samela is one of the housemates in this year’s edition of the BBMzansi reality show. She is 25 years old and hails from Eastern Capetown. She has a degree in Psychology and is also a final year student at the Film and Television.


Thato is a 28 years old bubbly and energetic personality that promises to bring her flex and energy to Big Brother Season 3!


DinkyBliss is a 29 years old from Durban. DinkyBliss whose real name is Rethabile describes herself as “loud and proud” and is confident that she can turn on the mood of anyone with her interesting sense of humour.


B.U is a 31 years old from Durban that left his good paying corporate job to focus on his artistic aspirations and to get that boost, he joined others in the big brother season 3.


Thando is a 30 years old from Soweto that prides herself in being a person who is Undoubtedly interesting.


Mvelo is a vibrant 28 years old whose full name is Mvelo Ntuli. Mvelo is a graduate of marketing and he’s a sure to market his brand with his daredevil behaviors.


Hailing from Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, Yoli is a fun and bubbly personality that promises to bring maximum entertainment to all. Her being naturally outgoing allows her to gain access to different people, which by the way is a big advantage in Big Brother’s game of numbers.


Gash1 whose real name is Gashwan Brandon Mthombeni is an entrepreneur with a unique appeal and zeal to creativity into Biggie’s House. He intends expending his already established business should he wins the prize money.


Themba is a shy but interesting personality that has strong passion for soulful and house Music as well as artistic tattoos. He promised to put his talent in use in Big Brother’s house.


Mphowabadimo is a 27 years old who hails from Daveyton, East Rand. She is a mother and traditional healer/diviner. She is one the few housemate who have “zero tolerance” for nonsense and we can’t wait to see the drama unfolding.


Libo is a loner that prefer doing things alone. He loves the outdoors and love getting out of his comfort zone.


QV is a 23 years from a snall town in Northwest. She is fun, energetic and stubborn with a tomboy aura and promises not to keep her annoyance to herself.


Venus is a 25 years old who hails from Durban. She is revered for her amazing talents which can impress just about anyone.


Terry whose real name is Gugu Refiloe Bonga is 26 years old production makeup artists and an adult content creator.


Norman is a 24 years old athletic gentleman that is generous and a good listener. He is one with a calm and adaptable personality.


Nale is a 24 years actor and model that is bringing her years of experience to this South Africa’s biggest reality show. She hails from Pretoria and she is ready to represent her hood in a positive way.


Zino is the youngest in this Big Brother Mzansi season 3 as he is just 21 years old. He is known by him friend for his greate attachment to his mom and he is not shy at being called a “mummy’s


Tulani is a 28 years old who hails from east London and currently resides in Johnesburg. Tulani is one who prides himself on his rare ability to use his vocal prowess and flare to establish his presence, while never failing to spill out discomforting truths.



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