R3,700: Intaba Yase Dubai Reveals How Much He’s Being Paid Monthly By Ambitiouz Ent

Zatunes April 17, 2022


R3,700: Intaba Yase Dubai Reveals How Much He

Intaba Yase Dubai has continued to spill more unpleasant facts as he confirms that his monthly salary from Ambitiouz Ent is R3,700.


The singer also revealed that he is quiting music and he hopes to find peace within himself. Read his statement below

I’m not fighting with Big Zulu, I’m also not fighting with my Company (Ambitious Ent). I’m fighting with the fact that I’m in a big song which made money but I haven’t received event a cent on it.

Mali Eningi had also an opportunity to be featured on a KFC deal, I ddnt get anything from that, beside that I haven’t got a cent from a song. So I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s name here but I’m just sharing my side of a story. Who ever claims that he has paid me money he/she is lying, I repeat he/she is lying. The only money I have and survive with is R3, 700 which I receive from my Company every month of which I appreciate it since I’m from a rural place and a poor family and I need money so that my family can have something to eat, also the money I receive when I’m booked ,
Im also not happy with it but its a story for another day for now i was just raising a point or a fact that as much as i have worked hard that doesnt mean I’m appreciated the same……….

You can judge me or think I may be an attention seeker its ok and I want you all to know that i dont care, what I know and I can die for is, what I’m telling you is the truth and I can prove it by printing my bank statement and show you that i havent received any money from Mali Eningi and I wont accept any as from now on since I have realized that I’m wrong for being honest. I love music im not doing it for Fame or being respected but because I love it and I have dreams to achieve that includes my family not to suffer..
I would like to alert you that even if I quit music today do not be surprised, this is not my first experience I have been undergoing such and i dont feel pain anymore I just want to be free and go back to my real life where by no one will think I have made it while I’m shedding tears each an everyday knowing that what I’m doing is not appreciated.

I’m also sorry to Journalists, News People for not replying I wanted to be sure about my recent decision and finally I have taken it.

I quit music.

Wish everyone who wants to be in the game or music industry to work hard we may not be from the same hood but maybe be lucky not like me.

Thank you.
If i die it will be my choice



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