Sinny Man’Que Leaves Simnandi Records

Zatunes March 13, 2022

Sinny ManQue Leaves Simnandi Records

If there is one thing we love about Simnandi Records is the way at which they raise and nurture their artists to be independent.


In recent times, they have made known numerous stars and it was because of their zeal for uplifting the unknown that we got exposed to the raw creativity of Young Stunna and Record L Jones.

Next on the move is Sinny Man’Que. The private piano producer was one of the few of producers signed into the label in 2021. Ever since his signing, he has helped delivered quite some incredible bangers.

Finding his own path and going solo, Sinny Man’Que takes charge of his craft as he has quietly left the Dj Jaivane’s records. Although no official statement from them, our inner source confirmed Sinny Man’Que and Simnandi Records have been working to establish his own ID.

The young producer recently dropped the second installment of his The Oxford King Album series which normally would have been released under Simnandi Records but was instead released under the young producer’s independent ID.

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