Sinny Man’Que – Oxford Music (100% Production Mix)

Zatunes May 13, 2022

Sinny ManQue - Oxford Music (100% Production Mix)

Sinny Man’Que ignites fire in our soul in this latest edition of his monthly mix series. Out now is “Oxford Music (100% Production Mix).”


Known for his unique style of Soulful piano that features midtempo grooves that will dominate your soul, took the scene by surprise last year with his many bangers. Now, he returns with an impressive mixtape that showcases the best of his sounds.

“Oxford Music (100% Production Mix)” is a fire tape and on this one, Sinny Man’Que takes listeners on a ride into the depths of Oxford music with an 80-minute adventure.

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Sinny Man’Que – Oxford Music (100% Production Mix)

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