The Origin Of Lady Du’s Clash With Her Dad Dj Choc

Zatunes May 7, 2022

The Origin Of Lady Du

Lady Du has revealed the reason her father is bitter towards her. In a post shared on her Facebook wall, Lady Du has said her Dad who is popularly known as Dj Choc was angry because she bought her mother a car and was also trying to establish a relationship with her.


She went further to state that she is ready to do everything within her power to have her mother back in her life and doesn’t mind giving back to her dad whatever he invested in her.

Being from a broken home, Dj Choc had wanted to keep the kids away from their mother, which so far isn’t going well with Lady Du.

Meanwhile, her father had earlier called Lady Du an ungrateful child who despite all he did for her still had the effrontery to say she grew up struggling.

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