This Is How Much Thuli P Charge Per Gig

Zatunes June 22, 2022

This Is How Much Thuli P Charge Per Gig

There is no denying that Thuli P remains one of the most classic female deejay in the music scene. Aside her explosive sets, she has this killer appeal that always get guest salivating.


Having this beauty and brains on your gig is no small feat as you are expected to meet her standard before she can honour any bookings.

Presently, Thuli P charges R20k per hour set and to have her pitch on the event, organizers must get her a flight ticket from either SAA or British Airways which must also include One business class for her and economy for her manager.

Upon arrival at the event, a 2 x 5 hotel must be made available for herself and manager and they currently do not accept B & B or guest houses. Her rider includes: 2x Moet Nectar Imperial, 1x Remy Martin VSOP, 4x Tonic Mixers, 1x Hubbly Bubbly, 4x Red Bull, 4x Still Water.

See the full requirements below;


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