Top 5 #UmlandoChallenge

Zatunes January 12, 2022


Top 5 #UmlandoChallenge

The #UmlandoChallenge has been making waves on social media, with various guys showing the content they are made up of.

About the #UmlandoChallenge

The #UmlandoChallenge is an online competition that involves guys whining and shaking their hips to the unreleased Umlando single by 9umba. So far, the challenge has attracted over 10 million total views on Twitter and TikTok.

Today, we take a look at some of the top five submissions.

1. #UmlandoChallenge by Indabakabani

A Twitter user by the moniker Indabakabani holds our number one position. His entry has garnered over a million views and hundreds of thousands of retweets. He is famous for kick-starting the challenge which has gone viral.

2. On our number two spot is this #UmlandoChallenge submitted by a group of friends. The trio managed to independently fire up some wicked necee have seen dance moves.

3. #UmlandoChallenge by Desire Marea

Desire joined the dance challenge pretty late but regardless, he still made a wonderful performance with the way he twisted his waist.

4. #UmlandoChallenge by Primo9teen

Migrating the challenge to TikTok, TikTok user, Primo9teen earns the 4th position on our ranking.

5. #UmlandoChallenge by Ch’cco

Ch’cco displayed creativity in his challenge video. He was able to whine his waist in accordance with the Umlando beat.



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