2Point1 Delivers “Roma Nna” With Butana

Zatunes November 24, 2023

The Stimela wave is beginning to fade and it’s only normal for 2Point1 to come up with another hit. To this extent, they have served us with “Roma Nna” featuring Butana.


After spending several years dedicated to the Gqom cause, Stimela has recently rebranded their sound, infusing fresher elements on the traditional Gqom sounds and putting a focus on exploring its core essence with the help of piano and electronic elements. The result of this evolution was the creation of “Stimela” and today they’ve unleashed another monster record via “Roma Nna.”


“Roma Nna” features the vocals of Butana. While most fans would have wanted a copy of those featured in Stimela, Butana did an amazing job at making this release whole and worthwhile.

This new 2Point1 single will leave your mind blown. Enjoy.


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