AmaQhawe SA Shine With “Labantwana Bahle” ft. Springle, Pushkin, Philharmonic & Thato TT

AmaQhawe SA - Labantwana Bahle ft. Springle, Pushkin, Philharmonic & Thato TT

Continuing their steep upward trend, AmaQhawe SA has paired with Springle, Pushkin, Philharmonic & Thato TT for “Labantwana Bahle,” a vocal track that is sure to smash dancefloor.

AmaQhawe SA is a music group that is made up of 3 producers. The trio are Best known for their 2022 heater, “Skelem” featuring Springle, Phushkin & Thato TT. Over the past couple of years, they have given us banging tracks and have developed soundscapes that has been recognized by veterans like Mellow & Sleazy, Kabza De Small and others too numerous to mention.

Today, they smash through our playlist with “Labantwana Bahle,” and the dancefloor vibes on this one are undeniable, making it well-suited for any moment. Listen below.

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