Da Muziqal Chef Leads With “Just A Taste EP”

Da Muziqal Chef Leads With Just A Taste EP

Da Muziqal Chef continues to dazzle us with hot music. Over the past couple of years, he wowed crowds with his high-energy productions and diversely unique sound. Closing on 2023, he has served us with this hot EP called “Just A Taste.”


Da Muziqal Chef is a big name in the Amapiano music scene who has made an unbelievable impact with his unique blend of various sub-piano/traditional elements. With massive support from his followers, his originals and remixes have stood him out across the nation.

Completely marking the 2023 register, he has served us with this hefty collection of banger and this one he names “Just A Taste.” “Just A Taste” is a six-track project that shows the many different sides of the Amapiano music, combining many elements found within the piano realm while maintaining his signature soundscapes as he tries his hands on newer stuffs and Styles, making this release one that is extra spicy.

This EP has supports from Sgija Eemoh, De Mthuda, Azana, MalumNator and DaliWonga. Have a taste below.

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