Deep London & Boohle Take Legal Action Against Nigeria’s Smada For Stealing “Hamba Wena”

Deep London & Boohle Takes Legal Action Against Nigeria

Song theft in the music industry is as old as music itself. Artists regularly steal tracks that have been earlier performed by others without any credits. The Amapiano sound isn’t left out in this brouhaha as artists try as much as possible to claim ownership of melodic flows, rhythm patterns & verses without the permission of the original authors.

One artists caught in this web of action, is upcoming Nigerian artists, Smada, who renditioned Deep London & Boohle’s “Hamba Wena” without any permission or acknowledgement to the duo.

Smada’s rendition version of “Hamba Wena” was released via “Smada Eh!” in October, and it is complete copy of “Hamba Wena” with a few twist. In response to Smada’s illegal release of “Smada Eh!,” Deep London & Boohle have initiated a legal action against the Nigerian upcoming who is craving popularity.

“The legal action against this
@SuperSmada have been taken . This guy will pay… This is copyrights infringement..”
Deep London Tweeted.

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