Gaba Cannal Seeks Convert with “Thetha Nabo Mfundisi Album”

Gaba Cannal Seeks Convert with "Thetha Nabo Mfundisi Album"

With Amapiano’s entrance into the international music scene, the fishing net is now wider to win more souls to the ravaging genre. Seeking new converts through the gospel of Amapiano, Gaba Cannal have blessed us with “Thetha Nabo Mfundisi.”


One producer who has left Amapiano music in a blissful state with his music and reliable productions over the past few years is Gaba Cannal. As a veteran, his serene soundscapes and production maturity contributed to what the genre is today, and this consistency is why he is one of the few producer who has his finger on the pulse of the music scene.

Continuing to propagate the gospel of the Amapiano sound, he has served us with this infectious collection of fresh tunes that will let you drift into a different state of mind. Out now is “Thetha Nabo Mfundisi.”

“Thetha Nabo Mfundisi” holds 13-tracks and the history behind this project runs deep as the album itself was created during his production metamorphosing state. On this project, Gaba Cannal assumes the duty of a reverend father who is ready to speak to the people about the true message of Amapiano.


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