Gem Valley MusiQ – 6 Noh 9 Reloaded

Gem Valley MusiQ - 6 Noh 9 Reloaded

In the ever-changing Amapiano landscape, production trio Gem Valley MusiQ continue to carve their own lane via their infectious releases. Giving the year 2023 a perfect close, this superb talent has served us with “6 Noh 9 Reloaded.”

Gem Valley MusiQ burst into the Amapiano mainstream after their Jozi Night single with Offixl SA went viral. Since then, each new production from their corners has propelled their status to earn performances at some of Amapiano’s biggest events and top clubs in Mzansi. Giving us their last release for the year, they are here with “6 Noh 9 Reloaded.”

“6 Noh 9 Reloaded” marks the Gem Valley MusiQ’s second release of the year, and it follows ‘Music Wama Colourd.’ You would think this album would not have the same vibes as previous productions due to the introduction of Sgija and the blend of Rough Muziq, PsP and Sgija. However, the album does seem to have a cohesive vibe; as a whole, you can vibe to this one and feel the core of Gem Valley MusiQ’s soundscapes.

Listen to the compilation right below, and make sure to get ready for this year’s festivities with the right mood and complete playlists. Enjoy.

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