Khanya Greens & Villosoul Team Up For “La Música”

Zatunes November 28, 2023

Khanya Greens & Villosoul Teams Up For "La Música"

There’s a whole lot you don’t know about Khanya Greens which will be revealed in this Villosoul-produced track called “La Música.”


With the growing popularity of Amapiano music over the past couple of years and the acceptance of the local genre on the worldwide stage, a wide range of opportunities has opened up for the genre’s vocalists and producers. Khanya Greens, who was once one of Amapiano’s most sought-after vocalists, is about to tap into the international presence of the Amapiano sound as she just dropped a heavy banger called “La Música.”


“La Música” is produced by Villosoul and with this offering, you are sure to feel the warm embrace of the Amapiano club and festival circuit. We have no doubt we’ll hear this one on dancefloors across the world this festive season.


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