Lwah Ndlunkulu’s “Imizwa” is Out

Zatunes November 24, 2023

Lwah Ndlunkulu "Imizwa" is Out

Not all music are made for the dancefloors. Some are made for those reflective moments and this is they type of sound Lwah Ndlunkulu is known for. Today, she unleashes all emotions in her debut album, “Imizwa.”


With the massive success of “Ithuba” featuring Siya Ntuli, “Ngiyeza” and “Eyami,” it is now an established fact that Lwah Ndlunkulu is among some of SA’s most sought-after vocalists. Officially making her entrance in the music scene, she has served us with “Imizwa,” a 12-track project that captures the essence of her sound.


“Imizwa” sees Lwah Ndlunkulu continue her evolution as an artist with touching lyrics that connects us to our roots and ancestors, making you reflect on your strength and weaknesses.

This album is released through inKabi records and a good number of tracks on this album were previously released as singles, making the bulk of the listening experience fresh and exciting. Enjoy.


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