Mood Dusty’s “The Giants Compilation, Vol. 8” is Out

Mood Dusty "The Giants Compilation, Vol. 8" is Out

Appropriately on time for the new month of October comes Mood Dusty’s eight compilation installment. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to “The Giants Compilation, Vol. 8”

Mood Dusty is one of the most deliberate house producer and deejay. His passion for deep house music started at a young age and his productions cooked over the past couple of years are a testament to his dedication, growth and love for the sound. As someone with an impressive discography record, he has shared stages with some of deep house greatest and we are sure keeping an eye on this rising talent.

Today, he serves us with his long awaited “The Giants Compilation, Vol. 8”
and this album contains eleven tracks from eleven deep house and producers: Qubiquesmall, V.soul, OutComing, OddXperienc, Mega BT, DJ Menzelik & Desire , Nastic Groove, Rune Sibiya & TimAdeep.


“The Giants Compilation, Vol. 8” is released through Candid Beings Recordings and on this one, Mood Dusty take things to the next level. Stream below.

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