Msamaria & Busta 929 Drop ‘Chase’ ft. Djy Vino, Shortgun & Lorenzo

Msamaria & Busta 929 - Chase ft. Djy Vino, Shortgun & Lorenzo

Thupa Industry promotes it’s Ezase Thupa Class of 23, Term 3 album compilation with the release of “Chase,” an explosive track by Msamaria & Busta 929 featuring the assistance of Djy Vino, Shortgun & Lorenzo.

Busta 929 is major player in the Amapiano music. His journey through the Amapiano scene was catapulted by a thirst for delivering unique materials that summarizes the true essence of the Amapiano sound. Closing out of the 2023 musical session, the producer alongside his thupa soldiers will be releasing an album compilation and to promote this album, they have served us with “Chase.”

“Chase” is production that is made up of exciting vocals, infectious percussion and hard hitting basslines. Overall, this track is a banger waiting to explode and it will no doubt further help in transcending Msamaria & Busta 929’s careers even further this year.

Listen below.

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