Nation-365 & Busta 929’s VUR VAI Album is Topping Charts

Nation-365 & Busta 929 VUR VAI Album is Topping Charts

Thupa Industry has just got a new talents that is been exposed via this new collection of bangers. Out now from the corners of Nation-365 & Busta 929 is “VUR VAI.”

As producers around the country continue to carve unique niches for themselves in the Amapiano music realm, only few have prioritized meaningful content and quality production like Busta 929. Continuing to give us those sweet vibes that made us fall in love with the Amapiano sound, he has paired with Nation-365 for a joint album called “VUR VAI.”

“VUR VAI” holds five tracks and on this one, Nation-365 & Busta 929 refine the new-age piano style and Soulful sound they’ve presented thus far, masterfully blending elements that typically were previously ignored.

We hope to see more collaborative project like this in the coming years.

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