Nation-365 & Rivalz Drop “Dlala Ka Yona” feat. B6 Rider, T.M.A_Rsa & FigoxBabu

Nation-365 & Rivalz Drop Dlala Ka Yona feat. B6 Rider, T.M.A_Rsa & FigoxBabu

Nation-365 & Rivalz have teamed up for an infectious new track titled ‘Dlala Ka Yona,’ featuring B6 Rider, T.M.A_Rsa & FigoxBabu. On this one, the duo can be found moving away from their Sgija soundscapes toward a more soulful-oriented sound.

Since starting his career, Rivalz went an incredibly long way to develop a unique soundscapes, and his productions have been a testament of this. Solidifying his presence in the piano mainstream, he has paired with Nation-365, B6 Rider, T.M.A_Rsa & FigoxBabu for this hot new track he aptly named ‘Dlala Ka Yona.’

‘Dlala Ka Yona’ is more like an introduction to the craft and talents of Nation-365 as he officially makes his debut inside Thupa Industry records. With an impressive roster, we’re surely in for a treat on this newest entry.


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