Semi Tee & Bongza Maintain Old Trends in “Aii Wena Chommi” ft. Malemon

Semi Tee & Bongza  - Aii Wena Chommi ft. Malemon

I’ve been a fan of Semi Tee & Bongza’s music for quite some time, so believe me when I say the duo are insanely talented. Living up to their hype once again, they have paired together with Malemon for this hot new track called “Aii Wena Chommi.”

Inside the Amapiano industry, there are a lot of changes that have taken place over the past couple of years, with lots of sub-genres and styles formed. If there’s one artist with a talent for sticking with the old essence of the sound and blending with new age sound to create a hybrid that is soothing to all, it’s the duo of Semi Tee & Bongza.

Today, these super-talents are spicing the weekend with the release of “Aii Wena Chommi” featuring Malemon. Years of listening to Semi Tee & Bongza’s releases has made us to understand how special their productions are – when you listen to their sound, you just know will bang so hard.


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