Soa Family’s “Isibusiso” Album Compilation Is Out

Soa Mattrix is officially unveiling the soldiers (Vocalists and producers) in his Soa Family/Soa Music Group as serves us with this album compilation called “Isibusiso.”


For a long time, Soa Mattrix has been building the ranks of his record label and now his hardwork is coming to fruition as a complete squad which is made up of talented Vocalists and producers are ready to capture new territory in the Amapiano war front. Launching their first assault, they have delivered to us this beautiful album compilation they aptly tagged “Isibusiso.”

The compilation is a 31-track collection of the fire tracks currently rocking Soa Music Group, many of which have been decimating Soa Mattrix’s set. If perfection could be translated into music, this Soa Family’s album compilation, “Isibusiso” would be at the forefront.

Treat yourself to a journey through different sounds of the Amapiano genre, including the notorious Sgija sound, Barcadi piano and private school Piano.


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