Soa Mattrix & Frank Mabeat Convene For “Ubuye” ft. B33Kay SA & Cnethemba Gonelo

Soa Mattrix & Frank Mabeat - Ubuye ft. B33Kay SA & Cnethemba Gonelo

Soa Family’s Album compilation will be out in a couple of moments and while we anticipate its release, Soa Mattrix & Frank Mabeat have served us with this hard-hitting track, “Ubuye” featuring B33Kay SA & Cnethemba Gonelo.

Soa Mattrix is known for his constant innovation of the Amapiano sound. Come to think of it, what is Amapiano without sound evolution? Showing off some of his newest work, the producer and deejay has paired with B33Kay SA & Cnethemba Gonelo for a catchy and danceable track that will be ​lighting up audiences around the world!

Out now is “Ubuye” and this one is a blissful bass track that presents plenty of beautiful chords and melodies packaged in a dreamy six minutes. This track is a flawless production from Soa Mattrix and we are happy to share with you. Enjoy.

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