UMngomezulu Heals Hidden Wounds In New EP

UMngomezulu Heals Hidden Wounds In New EP

Making his meteoric rise in house music in just four years, UMngomezulu is a legend whose dominance in the entire SA music scene is imminent. As someone who has turned heads of of both fellow producers and fans alike with his infectious productions, releases from him are always sure to bang right. Today, the hitmaker returns with his long awaited EP, “Hidden Wounds.”

Healing hidden wounds in the heart of house fanatics through the release of great music has been what has set UMngomezulu apart from his peers. Continuing to prove his dominance in the house and Soulful scene, he lands us with this infectious EP called Hidden Wounds.

“Hidden Wounds” is a 6-track project that delves deep into the essence of the house sound. Not only was this EP a testament of UMngomezulu’s creative energy but a proof of his ability to conjunct the best house elements to create something truly soothing.

Stream below.

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