Unlimited Soul is Here With ‘Welcome to Mexico’

Unlimited Soul is Here With Welcome to Mexico

After plenty anticipations, Unlimited Soul is finally here with the release of ‘Welcome to Mexico,’ an eight track project that is Unlimited Soul’s interpretation of what an album is all about.

Unlimited has been giving us hot heaters since his burst into the piano mainstream some years ago. While he typically fill us with dance inducing productions, his newest album isn’t all about making you dance on the dancefloor. Instead, it’s about connecting us to the true essence of the piano sound.

With support from Stacy, Reed,Jose Rocha, EltonK & Maremo Violin, this project holds lots of promising bangers that will no doubt be played at large festivals and small venues.

1. My Heart Cries (feat. Stacy)
2. Everything (feat. Stacy)
3. Sobabili (feat. Reed)
4. Romantic Violin (feat. EltonK & Maremo Violin)
5. Theme Changed
6. Dubai (feat. Jose Rocha)
7. My Playground
8. Julles Honger

Stream below.


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