Almighty SA Leaves Busta 929’s Thupa Industry Records

Almighty SA Leaves Busta 929

One of Thupa Industry’s biggest producer, Almighty SA whose real name is Madoda Lunga Nhlengethwa is leaving the label after two years of being signed.

Almighty SA announced his departure from the record label in a statement he made available on his socials. Almighty SA said although he’s not part of Busta 929’s Thupa Industry records, he is still closely affiliated to them and would be working with them occasionally.

“Madoda Lunga Nhlengethwa, known professionally as ‘Almighty,” hereby announce my professional departure from Thupa Industry. While I am no longer signed to Thupa Industry, I remain closely affiliated with them and extend my sincerest gratitude for their integral role in the development of my brand thus far.”Almighty SA said in a statement.

Almighty SA revealed that henceforth he will be channeling all his energy into his solo career and endeavours.

“As an independent artist, I am thrilled to unveil my upcoming solo endeavors, beginning with the release of new music. This forthcoming chapter in my musical journey is a testament to my unwavering commitment to delivering authentic and captivating content to my devoted fans,” he further added.

Fans are having mixed feelings about his departure, with many hoping he maintains same standard of production.

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