Atmos Blaq Takes Us On A Melodic Ride Via ‘Baye Baye EP’

Atmos Blaq Takes Us On A Melodic Ride Via Baye Baye EP

The Electronic House music scene in South Africa is truly blessed to have a producer like Atmos Blaq. There is no excuse whatsoever why your playlist shouldn’t be refreshed with solid offerings, because figures like Atmos Blaq are always updating their catalogue with newer entries. Today, we present you with this hot new EP from him and it’s tagged ‘Baye Baye.’

Real name Samukelo Shembe, Atmos Blaq is a Soweto born producer who has been making his marks in the Electronic House scene with his infectious productions. The self taught producer was introduced to producing and mixing programs from a very young age by his father, inspired in the sounds of Strings, Dark stabs with a punchy baseline and synths he took his years of learning Music to craft his own unique sound.

Over the past couple of years, he has grown to tremendous heights and have achieved major accomplishments in his young musical career. And as you can already predict, his infectious productions is the reason for his sudden rise through the ranks. As some who has been dedicated to his craft and to making the African Electronic sound flourish in Mzansi, Atmos Blaq is always out there cooking melodious and powerful offerings and today, he returns with this powerful EP called ‘Baye Baye.’

‘Baye Baye’ is only made of 4 tracks, but don’t let its short length fool you. This EP is loaded and the dark stabs, punchy baseline, synths and the powerful vocals he incorporated in the tracks that make up this EP makes this project a must have.

Released through Rise Music and distributed exclusively by Muting The Noise, this project shows the direction Atmos Blaq will continue to pursue with his ravaging production skills and energy.

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