Aymos Drops “Esgela” With Eemoh & Kabza De Small

We are deep into the new year and it’s about time we get a proper banger from one of the country’s most sought after vocalists. Today, Aymos delivers to us “Esgela” featuring Eemoh & Kabza De Small.

It’s actually great when two leading vocalists come together for a track. Aymos and Eemoh are pretty much some of the leading vocalists in the Amapiano music scene. While Eemoh is a new player in the music scene, he has been able to measure up and now he’s been given the chance to dine with the big players in this newest offering called “Esgela,” And he disappoints not.

Aymos needs no introduction. He is a vocalists with a somewhat mysterious vibes and melodic range, which has garnered him extreme attention in the SA music scene. Leading the 2024 musical year, the vocalist has served us with this infectious new release called “Esgela.”

“Esgela” was produced by Kabza De Small and it is a track that speaks volumes for many people, especially a lot of folks that are trying to understand the sounds of range of the artists involved in the record.


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