Bongza Says He’s Ready For Next Studio Project, “Liyajika”

Bongza Says He

We need no soothsayer to tell us that Bongza will capture the Amapiano scene in 2024, not when his recent “Sgcebezana” collaboration with Semi Tee & Ma Lemon is currently piercing through the charts.

The start of the new year gives producers the fresh slate to correct the wrongs and slacks of the previous year and reshape the present and the future. With the year 2024 in full blast, PianoHub star, Bongza, real name Bongza Mlotshwa has announced that he’s almost ready for his third studio project, “Liyajika.”

“Liyajika” has no fixed release date yet but we suspect it will be out March. From the teasers we have heard, the project will merge elements of Soulful and Sgija Piano, traversing an eclectic range of styles.

Features will include his typical collaborators including Mdu aka TRP, Kabza De Small and Semi Tee. Stay tuned for more updates!


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