Botlhale Accuses Prince Kaybee of Song Theft

Idol SA season 13 top 3 finalist and singer, Botlhale Phora has accused Prince Kaybee of song theft. The singer/songwriter and guitarist who hails from Pretoria alleged that he sent the said song to Prince Kaybee in 2021 but got no response from the House veteran, only to find out that the track’s melody was used in Kaybee’s newest release without any acknowledgement of Botlhale.


Botlhale also said that Prince Kaybee blocked him on TikTok when he tried raising the issue of theft and song right infringement.

Addressing the accusations levied on him by Botlhale, Prince Kaybee has said that he doesn’t know Botlhale and hasn’t met him before. He also said never stole any song from him and that the disputed track follows his typical soundscapes and chords progression. Prince Kaybee also pointed out that the tracked shared by Botlhale and the one he produced are very far apart.

“I’ve produced Charlotte, that inspired Love is blind and other hitsongs even before that boy got out of school. The beat I posted is a template of the songs I have produced before because thats my style of music, I love chords even from “better days”. Now because a lot of people on TikTok liked the recent snippet some fool ka german cut discredits me and yall believe him is telling. I don’t know this guy, Ive never spoken to him, he even sent whatever he sent to the wrong email, lastly what he is singing is not the same as what I produced, they are miles apart from each other, far apart. Thank You.” He posted.

South Africans Response
Prince Kaybee has been under fire from South Africans following the song theft allegations, with many asking the Club-Controller to take responsibility of his actions and give appropriate credits to the upcoming artists.

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