Chymamusique To Organise Men’s Camp

Chymamusique recently announced that he intends organising a camp strictly for men. The veteran House producer revealed that he will solely provide a goat and sheep for slaughter and a good sound system to keep the atmosphere lively. All that is needed for those who would love to participate is for them to rent their own tent and buy whatever extra things they might need.


For a perfect execution of this plan, Chymamusique has partnered with ECUE. The whole purpose of the camping is for men to network with other good people, talk about men issues, share ideas that might empower & encourage growth, talk about jobs creations, pray, cook together, play games, have entertainment and take a break from daily stresses.

In order to keep men focused and concentrated, Chymamusique has announced that females won’t be allowed into the camp site and that men aren’t allowed to bring along their girlfriends. So far, over 800 men have indicated interest in participating and details of the camp is attached below.

“Gents let’s go camping , I’ll buy a goat and a sheep that we gonna slaughter & eat and bring sound for our chillas .. all you do is rent your own tent and other things that you might need ⛺️. No network just games food and music”Chymamusique

Men’s Camp Venue & Date
Date: 17th May – 19th May 2024
Venue: Johannesburg south


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