Djy Jaivane – Simnandi Vol. 28 (Jaivane’s July BirthMonth PholasMix 2024)

Djy Jaivane - Simnandi Vol 28

When we hype deejays like Djy Jaivane, we don’t just do that because of our love for him, but because the enormous amount of talents he possesses and his in-depth understanding of the Amapiano sound. Want to prove of this? Look no further than his newest selection, ‘Simnandi Vol 28 (Jaivane’s July BirthMonth PholasMix 2024).’

Djy Jaivane is a producer and deejay who has truly carved out his space in the Amapiano music mainstream with infectious mixes and productions that fill the souls of just anyone who tunes in. The man has been a leading force in the Amapiano scene since the earliest years the sound was conceived. Infact, he was among those who birthed what we know today as Amapiano.

Having grown the sound to what it is today, it is impossible for him not to regularly come for the rescue of Amapiano occasionally. Today, he is here with his signature mid-year tape. Out now is ‘Simnandi Vol 28 (Jaivane’s July BirthMonth PholasMix 2024).’

As we already know, ‘Simnandi Vol. 28’ typically celebrates Djy Jaivane’s BirthMonth but in addition to that, it also acts as a promotional tools to Djy Jaivane and Record L Jones’ reconciliation Album which was billed for release today but was postponed because of the release of this tape.

This new tape is a perfect winter selection jam that perfectly captures that feeling of a cold season, and the range of DJ Jaivane.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Djy Jaivane – Simnandi Vol 28 (Jaivane’s July BirthMonth PholasMix 2024)

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