Djy Zan SA Leaves Black is Brown Records

Centurion hitmaker, Djy Zan SA has silently exited Mr JazziQ’s Black is Brown records. The Sgija producer left the label a couple of months ago and has now launched his own independent label, Smooktlyrecords.


Djy Zan SA was signed into Black is Brown records in 2021. Under the label, he released several notable heaters such as Jaivane with Royal Musiq and also worked with a good number of top producers and vocalists. A couple of weeks ago, the label released the last of his productions via the album, G4ssed. The album is 10-track long and it included some notable bangers, including Hamba No Zani.

Smooktlyrecords was launched a couple of months ago after he finalized his exit from Black is Brown records. According to Djy Zan SA, the new imprint is dedicated towards encompassing a broader sound and wider variety of Sgija while also promoting his Harvard sound.

The exit of Djy Zan SA may be bittersweet to many Amapiano fans who followed the growth of the Sgija producer. But we believe the sky is just the limit for the young producer and deejay. Already, the producer has dropped “HM” with Boips through the label.

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